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Our History

Our Story

Hallmark Homes specialises in building custom homes and has emerged as one of the leading builders in the Southern Ontario area. Our founders, John and Anthony Mandalfino started their career in the construction business and later opened their own contracting company by working on small renovation projects in the Burlington area. At the age of 27 and 23, they got their first substantial opportunity to build a custom home for an Oakville couple which turned out to be the stepping stone in their home building journey. “We were very aware that this was our time to showcase and establish ourselves,” admits Anthony. “In 1991-1992 Southeast Oakville was the place to be. A very strong custom home building trend already existed, but it was ultimately up to us to prove ourselves worthy of belonging here.” After working for six to seven days a week to complete the exterior and interior of the home, their hard work paid off and the clients were thrilled with the outcome.

From Our Founders’ Mouth

John explains: “When you make it policy that you’re interested in producing quality work, you attract experienced tradespeople and discerning consumers interested in a high caliber of workmanship. It’s common practice for us to refer our clients to trusted industry leaders we know can help them out with any need that may arise, such as referring our clients to companies that will fix their outdoor pool heating system, etc.”

Tony explains: “There are strict rules in place that demand respectful behaviour from the entire team working on a Hallmark home. It sets the standard for the level of work we’re interested in achieving on a daily basis, it sets the tone for a clean and safe work environment and it makes the homeowners feel welcome when they visit the job site. Workers are not only expected to tidy up after themselves at the end of each day and clean each home from top to bottom at the end of each week, but they make themselves available to answer any questions visiting homeowners might have. I couldn’t work any other way”.

Supporting charities, local sports teams and passing time building dreams for others make sense to both our founders. To know more about our company or discuss your next big project, contact us today!

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