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Our Process

Custom Home Building and Renovation Projects in Burlington

Hallmark Homes is Burlington’s premier custom home builder. We specialize in new residential constructions, renovations and extensions in some of South Ontario’s sought-after neighborhoods. With over 20 years of experience in the construction business, our efficient and experienced team is ready to take up your next building project.

We offer a full suite of in-house services for all your design and build needs including:

  • Residential constructions

  • Construction management

  • Custom home building

  • Renovations

  • Extensions

  • Contracting

Think Before You Build

Hallmark Homes’ reputation for quality craftsmanship, uniqueness and great designs is the reason why our clients keep coming back to us. There are few things we would suggest our future clients to consider before choosing any other firm to work with:

  1. Go with your feelings: Be sure with the kind of people you can work with, determine if you can maintain a genuine rapport with the builder.

  2. Size matters: Choose your builder carefully. Review their portfolio, walk through the homes they have built, find out if he’s capable of executing the same level of service regardless of the home’s square footage and your choices. 

  3. Clarity: Ensure all the details, paper works, floor plan and elevations are confirmed before the actual work begins. Create a budget, and schedule and express your expectations clearly to figures on paper. 

  4. Check accreditation: Be sure your builder is registered with Tarion, complies with all Ministry of Labour regulations and monitors all Workplace Safety and Insurance Bureau clearance certificates.

Would you like to know more? We’ll be happy to talk about the services we can offer you. Please contact us today.

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